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Now It’s Truly Complete . . . I Think

In the past few years, I have written several posts on the importance of teaching children about biblical marriage as part of home-based sex education.  Two of those posts were embedded with images of our wedding corner to illustrate its … Continue reading

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Well? Where is it?

As most of you know I set up this blog in 2010 to go along with the authorship of my first book, a parents’ guide to conducting sex-education in the home.  The blog was supposed to be a monthly writing … Continue reading

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“As you wish” . . . . My 4 Westleys

Last month, our youngest daughter got married on Rowe’s wharf in Boston.  During the unique ceremony—which featured a symbolic Celtic knot-tying tradition—the minister wove in some humorous lines from The Princess Bride, an iconic favorite movie of Hannah, her husband … Continue reading

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Barbie Redux

Do toys, especially dolls, have a positive roll to play in home-based sex education?   There has been plenty of research revealing a negative correlation between certain fashion dolls and early sexualization of little girls.¹  And in a past blog post, I’ve … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Have Said It Better . . .

A blessed New Year to my readers! My first post of 2016 features something I’ve never offered before:  a guest essay.  Although I have occasionally included quotes or excerpts from others’ work (with proper citations of course), I have firmly … Continue reading

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Sex-ed Full Circle Double Blessings

It’s difficult to keep up with blogging when miracles are going on.  On September 29th, our oldest daughter gave birth to identical twin boys in a Philadelphia hospital.  Like most twins, Andrew and Nathan were premature… born nearly six weeks … Continue reading

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Help! What do I tell my child about . . . ?

Children have a way of surprising us with innocent awkward questions at equally awkward moments . . . especially in public.  While shopping with his mom, one six-year-old boy spotted a rather large woman nearby. “Mom, is that lady pregnant?” … Continue reading

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Spring Broken

My daughter’s wedding on a Florida beach 2 months ago happened to coincide with Spring Break … that two-week sun-drenched, hiatus from academia associated with non-stop booze, bikinis, booty calls & booming bands.  Countless college students (and many who looked … Continue reading

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A New Addition to the “Wedding Corner”

A few posts ago I shared about our “wedding corner,” two adjacent walls which displayed an inspiring legacy: 3 generations of well-dressed brides & grooms photographed right after saying “I do.” This past Saturday, March 28th at 2:00pm, our … Continue reading

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Love Notes

As I have asserted in various posts through the years, a home-based sex education needs to convey a clear-eyed, biblical understanding of love.  During our child-rearing years, my husband and I found that we had to work hard at nurturing … Continue reading

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