**NOTE** The following post has been written “tongue-in-cheek” . . . sort of.

Is there no end to the depravity of toy manufacturers??  They keep producing items geared toward the sexualization of young children, especially little girls.  First there was Mattel’s Barbie™ who debuted in 1959 with her controversial larger-than-life “proportions”.  She’s been evolving according to cultural trends ever since.

In 2001 the Bratz™ dolls appeared, making Barbie look tame.  Marketed to girls ages 4-8, they caused a public outcry by sporting ensembles with fishnet stockings, midriff-baring tops, micro-mini skirts and other pieces typically associated with strippers and prostitutes.

Now,  just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, along comes a toy seemingly designed to turn a little boy into a hunka-hunka-burning-lust . . . the Elvis Presley Mr. Potato Head !!!  I am NOT making this up.  Paste the link below into your browser to see this latest seductive scourge.


Do its features include a gyrating pelvis?   Blue suede shoes?  Sultry, snarling plastic lips?

To me,  the  most disturbing thing about the Elvis Mr. Potato Head is that it transforms an innocent classic children’s toy – a plastic asexual vegetable – into a sensual icon.   The basic Mr. Potato Head is recommended for ages TWO and up, which begs the question:  Who are the target users for the Elvis version?  Preschool boys who can be sexualized into babe magnets?  Aging Elvis groupies?  Collectors?

What’s next, Lady Ga-Ga Raggedy Ann™ and Gangsta Rapper Winnie-the-Pooh™?  Sigh . . . it’s tough being a Christian parent these days.

I look forward to your tongue-in-cheek (or serious) comments.

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4 Responses to SPUD STUD

  1. hollysimons says:

    As sad as this is, you did have me howling about “updated” Raggedy Ann’s and Winnie the Pooh’s! What a wit!

    However, can we even be surprised that any healthy boundaries continue to erode, so that even the youngest innocents of our culture will be subjected to inappropriate and crude image lies that try to help shape and define them from the tenderest years?

    It’s all about the market, and capturing their minds and hearts to yell “I wanna be like that” right into adulthood…. which is now an ever elusive term when referring to children brought up in a culture that wants to keep them forever in adolescent self-centeredness and sexual deceptions.

    Keep up the good work, lady! Your voice needs to be heard!

  2. omd says:

    I remember the original Mr Potato Head. You got a box with all the pieces needed to
    create a potato head figurine sans the potato, which you had to commandeer from your
    mother’s potato bin. You had to use your imagination and decide where to pin the eyes
    ears nose mouth etc. on the potato. Now they even give you the plastic potato!!! What’s
    that all about? Ya can’t even eat the new potato heads!

    As far as a sexy Elvis Potato Head… I don’t think this particular version is even
    close to inappropriate. The girl amply endowed dolls are inappropriate. They give the
    wrong impression to girls about how their body should look and they give boys the same
    wrong impressions, as well as, the male of the species is stimulated visually. This is
    principle reason for the Muslim Berka, i.e do not stimulate the male eye towards sexual
    thoughts that turn into action which then turn physically immoral. NOW, don’t beat me
    up over the head about Berka as I am not endorsing it nor the control it places over

    To be quite serious, sexual immorality is rampant AND a growing industry. A great many
    of our world leaders are sexually immoral and that goes some for women leaders, too.
    Our culture is geared towards sexuality. Look at how parents allow their children to
    dress, especially the girls. I’m glad my wife and I never had a daughter. It was hard
    enough trying to impart knowledge to the boys and have them follow it. Then the schools
    have decided not to take the moral high road, settling for a lower road. Now don’t get
    me going about movies and tv AND VIDEO GAMES that are replete with overt sexuality and



  3. admin says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Holly. Instead of a serious hand-wringing lament over bait & switch celebrities like Miley Cyrus (why DO so many wholesome child stars morph into sex symbols in their teens?) and the countless unsavory products & multi-media influences on our children, I chose to raise the issue with satire. I know how long-winded I can be on my soapbox. Humor is a good way to keep myself succinct.

  4. admin says:

    Hi OMD,
    I too had one of the original Mr. Potato Head kits that required users to provide a real potato. Unfortunately, I sometimes was so attached to my creation that instead of disassembling the potato and contributing it to the evening meal, I would “save it” in the toy box. Weeks later, when I thought of playing with the kit again, Mr. Potato had sprouted a few extra “parts” (roots). He was also shriveled, moldy and smelly. Perhaps this is why Hasbro began to include a plastic potato body. Yeah, the pre-drilled holes limited creativity, but at least the health risks and “ick factor” were eliminated.

    I appreciated your comment: “To be quite serious, sexual immorality is rampant AND a growing industry.” Yes, well-said. It’s heartening to know that my readers are speaking up about it within their spheres of influence.

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