The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #3

Wading father carrying daughter - silhouetteAre you ready for reason #3?  Brace yourself . . . it’s profound:

Because parents know their own children better than anyone else!

Did I just hear someone say “Amen!” . . . or maybe “Doh?”

Years of continuous unconditional love, attention, interaction, unselfish motives–and plenty of sleepless nights–make parents the only sex ed instructors who can provide the right information at the right time in the right way for each of their children . . . a truly personalized approach to a very personal subject.

In this information age even the most nervous, uninformed moms and dads can self-educate quickly with a variety of resources.  Please don’t let the self-styled “sexperts” at government agencies, at Planned Parenthood or in the public school system intimidate you into believing you can’t do the job.  Lofty academic degrees, well-funded agenda-driven research and one-size-fits-all “health curricula” can’t hold a candle to the effectiveness of communication within family bonds.  Only you know your children’s maturity levels and readiness to understand various facts/concepts.  Therefore you are ideally suited to:

  • Layer accurate info at appropriate ages in a comfortable, private setting
  • “Get first dibs on the spin” (instill the moral context early)
  •  Limit or address inadvertent exposures to inappropriate info (trashy TV ads, Superbowl wardrobe malfunctions, petting teens at the mall etc.)
  • Observe your children’s progress & correct their misunderstandings right away
  • Minimize embarrassment & foster meaningful follow-up discussions

May I say it one more time, a bit more colloquially?  No one knows your kids like you do.  So utilize your home court advantage . . . early and often.

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3 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #3

  1. Joe Grifoni says:

    Thank you again Linda for your encouragement. It is a very often overlooked truth that mom and dad DO indeed know their children best, are most often trusted by their children and love their children more than any well qualifired or even well intentioned educator. Your bulleted points are excellent and may I suggest that the second bullet should be reinforced. “Instill the moral context early”. This has proved to help youth to recongnize the “counterfeits” because they have seen the authentic truth about love and sexuality first. Keep up your work Linda. We need the voice of wisdom that you share.

  2. Holly Simons says:

    Yes, these succinct and timeless truths can never be heard often enough, dear educator!
    What a “breath of fresh air” in this lie-filled, sex-saturated culture! I’m with Joe….. keep speaking up and out, sharing wisdom and truth in an attitude of grace. May God enable these words to reach to the hearts and homes where they are so badly needed.

  3. Linda says:

    Dear readers, your encouragement means more than I can express. I’m especially concerned about how much harder it is today for parents to limit & address their children’s inadvertent exposures to inappropriate material. I’m praying for even more wisdom & salient resources in order to thoroughly/practically cover this challenge in my book.

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