Let the Writing Begin . . . Again

Hello everyone.  I’m interrupting the “Top Ten Reasons . . .” series for an announcement & a request.

Hands writing with quill penIt’s been 4 years since I received my master’s degree, initiated this blog and began the writing of Sex-ed Homestyle, my resource book for parents.  While I’d hoped to have the book completed and published 2 years ago, “life” got in the way, necessitating my having to work two jobs with wildly irregular hours.  It has become clear that I cannot write a credible text in random moments spaced months apart.  Additionally, the publishing industry has undergone sweeping changes, and much has happened in society over the past few years that has rendered some of my research out-of-date.

Therefore my husband & I have concluded that authorship of the book must become my “primary job” for a while.  After much thought, prayer and “number-crunching” we decided to have me take a yearlong modified sabbatical from the more time-consuming of my two jobs.  I will be substantially cutting back my teaching obligations, which will enable me to devote consistent time to research & writing.

This is a big leap of faith for us as it involves a significant reduction of household income and raises several personal insecurities for me.  Thus I am asking the following of you, my faithful readers:
Please PRAY . . .
–that I will maintain the discipline of writing 4+ hours a day, 4+ days a week until the project is finished.
–that I will stay organized and focused rather than scattered, distracted, sloppy or overwhelmed
–that I won’t be discouraged by writer’s block, self-doubt or hostile external criticism
–that I will graciously accept critique & suggestions from my proofreaders and “accountability partners”
–that I will express God’s truth, biblical principles and practical steps with winsome clarity to serve as many families as possible
–that I’ll keep trusting God for the path to publication no matter what the cost

Along the way I’ve been blessed with inspiring thoughts about writing from well-known authors such as Winston Churchill, featured in a 2012 post here:

And economist Dr. Thomas Sowell helped me see that good writing takes time:
Having written two textbooks on introductory economics — one full of graphs and equations, and the other with neither — I know from experience that the second way is a lot harder to write, and is more time-consuming.  The first book was written in a year; the second took a decade.  The first book quickly went out of print.  The second book (“Basic Economics”) has gone through 4 editions and has been translated into 6 foreign languages.
Both books taught the same principles, but obviously one approach did so more successfully than the other. (Sowell 2012, underlining mine)

I have 6 more years to go before I’ve invested a decade in my first book. . . hopefully it won’t take that long.  The Lord has called me to this opus, and He will surely provide what I need.  My sabbatical officially starts today, July 1st . . . and the writing begins in earnest, at last.

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6 Responses to Let the Writing Begin . . . Again

  1. Kim says:

    1. You will be in prayer
    2. You have never been disorganized so I think you will do fine
    3. You have always been humble enough for criticism
    4. You will do great !!

  2. Joe Grifoni says:

    Linda, you have what it takes. I have prayed for you and I will continue. God speed!

  3. Lorraine Campbell says:

    Linda, You’ve accomplished so much in your life and I know you’ll finish the book. Extra prayers from now on.

  4. Linda says:

    Thank you everyone . . . I am both humbled and heartened by your responses! 🙂

  5. Holly Simons says:

    I’m so thankful for you, and so certain that God will enable you to do this writing. He who began the good work in you will bring it to completion, my dearest sister. I will be one of your many prayer supporters, and cheerleaders! Hugs and joy in the journey…. perseverance, patience, prayer = Progress! xoxo

  6. omd says:

    I am quite sure you have the ability and panache to write a book that will be well received in the parental community. You have what it takes and we will continue to pray for you & your family in this matter.

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