The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #6

We’re officially at the midpoint of this series.  For continuity’s sake, before we move onto the second half let’s quickly review the first 5 reasons to do sex-ed at home:

1. Because you CAN . . . successfully. Kids want you to do it/secular studies prove it.

2. Because God said so . . . in familiar Scriptures such as these: Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and Proverbs 22:6

3. Because parents know their own children better than anyone else.

4. Because you’ll help your kids avoid confusing, mixed or immoral messages in school   sex-ed programs.

5. Because you can teach & supervise appropriate use of digital/internet technology and protect children from sexting, predators, porn sites/porn spam, cyberbullying etc.

And now, Reason #6 . . . drum roll please:
Because you can teach your kids to discern the wheat from the chaff in popular culture. . . and counter misinformation, false & immoral messages, poor role models and shallow priorities in ads, movies, music and online media.

sean-connery-sean-connery-viagra posterIt’s an understatement to say our kids are surrounded by a culture far more sex-saturated than that of my childhood.  Most American families find it virtually impossible to avoid prematurely exposing young children to provocative messages . . . even within our homes.  But this is nothing new . . . 21st century culture is just a digitally-enhanced version of ancient Babylon, Sodom & Gomorrah or Rome. . . our “sensuality delivery systems” are simply more varied & efficient.


As Christian parents we can wring our hands in frustration & despair or we can fight the KimKardashianspiritual battle with the strategies of Deuteronomy 6:6-7 coupled with an axiom often attributed to heavyweight prizefighter  Jack Dempsey: “The best defense is a good offense.”  This two-pronged approach involves building a fortification of layered, age-appropriate, accurate  biological facts intertwined with biblical virtue “early & often” at home. . . and then going on offense to point out, discuss, and counter false & immoral cultural messages with biblical truth. . . especially during the preteen years and up. . . and we should elicit our children’s observations about modern culture to make it a dialogue not a lecture.

When the Superbowl treats our families to half-time shows featuring gyrating, scantily clad singers & “wardrobe malfunctions” do we hurriedly shut the TV and sit in embarrassed silence?  What about the proliferation of Superbowl commercials and background billboards for Viagra, Victoria’s Secret and GoDaddy . . . some of these were also broadcast during the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Have you ridden a municipal bus or subway with kids lately and seen offensive ads/posters plastered above the seats?  Have you noticed sexy animated sidebar ads bracketing your email messages and overwhelming every mainstream news website?  Remember, a parent’s “no comment” equals approval in a kid’s mind.  Pray for courage and clarity of thought, and say something . . .

Olympic beach volleyball womenTo give you a little practice, I’ve embedded in this post a few images of cultural icons associated with questionable or mixed messages.   What would you say to your children about 007’s promiscuity in every James Bond movie plot?  What can we conclude about a culture that nominates Keeping up with the Kardashians for a TEEN Choice reality show award?  Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh won Olympic gold for the USA in beach volleyball . . . but did they have to play nearly naked to be successful?  How important is it to have “Big Sexy Hair”, and can a shampoo really guarantee these results?”

Get ready to gather your thoughts in 3…2…1

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4 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #6

  1. omd says:

    Hi Linda,

    Another good blog post. I must add that many, many times morality issues taught in the home and espoused by the student in a secular setting are vigorously refuted by those in authority within the public sector. We must also equip the children enough to be able to stand up to the naysayers. We also need classes for adults who would be afraid to stand up to such rebuttal so they become comfortable advocating for their children.

  2. Linda says:

    Keen thoughts OMD, especially:
    “We must also equip the children enough to be able to stand up to the naysayers. We also need classes for adults who would be afraid to stand up to such rebuttal . . .”

    I’ll actually be addressing this in “reason #9” in my sex-ed at home series. . . great minds thinking alike 🙂 It’s also why I’ve been teaching public speaking courses for Christian teens & adults since 2003 . . . to equip them to “Always be ready to give everyone an answer for the hope that lies within you. But do this with gentleness & respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)

    Yes, we’ll get there, but that’s the final stage of the equipping process. Before we can prepare YOUNG children–preteens & younger–to handle the naysayers we first must teach them how to understand and view our sinful world through a biblical lens. That’s the focus of this Reason #6 post.

    And yes, you’re spot on about the need for Christian ADULTS to get educated & confident about upholding God’s truth in the public square. Some churches offer adult Sunday school apologetics courses. And here are a few excellent online resources for helping Christians articulate the biblical worldview on all the current “hot-button issues” in our culture: (This link is specific to sexual issues. Many other issues can be accessed from the website’s topics bar).

    Thanks for weighing in!

  3. Joe Grifoni says:

    I would like to see an adult Sunday School Class put together covering this topic. Clearly you are a busy woman however it might be something to consider.

  4. Linda says:

    Yes, Joe I’d love to put together an adult “countering-the-culture” Sunday school class for our church and beyond. . . the next project after my book is written. Hmmm, maybe it could team-taught? 🙂

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