The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #8

Jack o lanternIt’s Halloween 2014 and I’m thinking about some things that to me are much scarier than goblins, witches and monsters . . . I’m referring to some frightening consequences of sexual sin: the bodily harm from sexually transmitted infections, the hurt & betrayal when a sexual relationship ends, the physical & psychological damage from an abortion, to name a few.

As Christians, we are mandated by God to love & serve others & to speak the truth in love. This brings up reason #8 of the Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-ed at Home:

Because you can role-model & teach your children how to help others avoid or turn away from risky sinful behavior . . . and even save lives!

During home-based sex-ed it’s not enough to instill biblical virtue in our own sons & daughters . . . it’s not even enough that they learn how to share the gospel.  As they move through the teen years and then head off to college & career, they should be willing and prepared to reach out truthfully & compassionately toward people who engage in or are reaping the consequences of risky behavior.  This doesn’t mean that our children have to be walking repositories of the latest medical facts, statistics and sophisticated persuasive rhetoric.  They can offer a listening ear, muster courage to speak the truth with gentleness & respect,  pray for discernment about how best to help and know where to find practical resources such as Pregnancy Care Centers, drug/alcohol intervention programs, domestic violence protection & other practical assistance if needed.  The internet and area churches make it easier than ever to access resources like these.

AngryCoupleMy husband & I have been involved with the Pregnancy Care Center of Haverhill since 1987 in various capacities. [ ] Our children served in this ministry as teens . . . one daughter assisted my husband in organizing fundraising events.  Another daughter voiced public service announcements for the PCC that aired on a Boston radio station and accompanied me on several speaking engagements for teens where we made the case about saving sex for marriage.  (She was surely more persuasive among her peers than I could be).  During their college years, all 3 daughters referred sexually active friends or dorm-mates to PCC ministries near their schools.  They sometimes had prevention-oriented private conversations to steer friends away from risky choices.  The friends weren’t always receptive to the message, but they knew my daughters cared . . . and God alone knows how many seeds were planted.

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2 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #8

  1. omd says:

    I have learned [still learning] that people will live their lives the way they want irregardless of parental expectation or laws. As parents our hopes lie with the hope & prayer our children remain sexually pure until married in Christian marriage. The reality is, the majority probably do not. However, as you say, teaching them love & compassion towards their fellow peers is very important. When we, i.e. humans, are in trouble we do want to be able to count on someone to listen to us without beating us with a lead bat about the mistake we made.

    Thank you for you dedication to this topic


  2. Holly Simons says:

    What a privilege to watch your family model and help others over so many years (the “formative” ones for your girls)….. and still continuing on today. The tsunami of changes in the worldwide cultures regarding chastity, the sanctity of marriage, and the many other issues you regularly address often make me discouraged about real transformation, despite the faithful lone voices that still champion truth. Then I remember the miracle-working God we serve, and I think of historical models who persevered despite great obstacles and discouragement….. William Wilberforce in his steadfast fight against slavery comes to mind. And I thank God for you, and encourage you to NEVER GIVE UP fighting the good fight!

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