The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #10

2014 is nearly over, and so is this series:  “The Top 10 Reasons to Do Sex-ed at Home.”   Let’s finish strong with reason #10:

Because you’ll be preparing them for a fulfilling Christ-centered marriage & family life, and fostering a legacy of virtue.                         

Throughout this series–and always on this blog–I’ve emphasized that biblical sex-education isn’t about “thou shalt not” . . . it is about teaching our children how to honor God with our bodies both before and after marriage.  This means eschewing all sexual behaviors while single . . . and enjoying His gift of sex to the fullest within marriage.

We parents need to be clear about the end game here . . . we must communicate & role-model to our children a marital relationship worth waiting for . . . one of mutual          “1 Corinthians 13 love” for each another.  They need to know that when this kind of love is operating within marriage, sexual union is holy, holistic and fulfilling as God intended.

The Wedding Corner

The Wedding Corner

The living room of our home has a unique feature called “The Wedding Corner.”  It displays three generations of family wedding photos, collectively representing 103 years of strong, God-honoring marriages.  Bob and I established the corner for four purposes:

1) To pay tribute to our parents.  They role-modeled what it means to make and keep a commitment, and be faithful through good & bad times, in sickness & in health . . . until “death did them part. ”  My parents, Wilbur & Lorraine Campbell, were married for 44 years prior to my father’s death in 1996.  My husband’s parents, Thomas & Louise Libert, were married for 16 years and likely would have been together for several more decades had Louise not suffered an untimely death when my husband was in his mid-teens.

Wilbur & Lorraine Campbell, circa 1952

Wilbur & Lorraine Campbell, circa 1952


Thomas & Louise Libert, circa 1945

Thomas & Louise Libert, circa 1945








2) To remind ourselves that marriage is God’s design for a lifelong love relationship between two sinners redeemed by Christ’s sacrifice.  He keeps blessing, sustaining and enriching our life together even though we long ago outgrew the bridal gown and tux.  Bob & I have been married for 34 years and counting.  We strive to continue the solid marital legacy of our parents and pass it along to our children.

3) To be the “visual aid” during our children’s formative years to help them understand that a Christian lifelong marriage is not only possible, but desirable and rewarding despite society’s naysayers.

4) To create a space for photos of our adult daughters’ weddings if/when they occur . . . one so far.  Our oldest daughter & her husband have logged 9 years of wedded bliss to date, continuing our family’s marriage legacy into their generation.  To God be the glory 🙂


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2 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons to Do Sex-Ed at Home . . . #10

  1. Susan says:

    I love this idea of the Wedding Corner–definitely something I am going to tell my daughter about. Both Hannah and her new husband Matt come from a long line of God-honoring marriages. What a blessing to pass on to them that kind of family legacy.

  2. Kim says:

    Love the idea of the wedding corner.

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