Sex-ed Full Circle Double Blessings

It’s difficult to keep up with blogging when miracles are going on.  On September 29th, our oldest daughter gave birth to identical twin boys in a Philadelphia hospital.  Like most twins, Andrew and Nathan were premature… born nearly six weeks ahead of their early November due date at over 4 lbs each.

Welcome Nathan & Andrew!

Welcome Nathan & Andrew!

Despite their healthy weights, they’ve been spending considerable time in the neonatal ICU benefiting from the remarkable medical care of our day.  As of this writing they are still there and in good hands.

My husband & I arrived in Philly six hours after the birth.  Our daughter was doing well, and we praised God for multiple miracles of Mommy’s safe delivery, two beautiful little boys, and our son-in-law’s iPhone technology that kept us up-to-date with texts, photos and “Facetime” live communications until we could finally see/touch our new grandsons the next morning.

For brief stints each day, the NICU nurses took the boys out of their isolettes so my daughter & her husband could hold each tiny son.  I witnessed how quickly the babies “settled down” & contentedly snuggled against Mom’s & Dad’s warm skin in spite of being tethered to monitors and assorted equipment to assist breathing, feeding, and temperature control .  . . the miracle of bonding overcame the obstructive apparatus.  We grandparents were permitted only to touch the twins through openings in the isolettes after sterilizing our hands.  I treasured these limited, yet sacred moments.SONY DSC

In the past 3 weeks the boys have grown,  learned to breathe on their own and are working on breast feeding skills.  Once they have mastered eating they can go home.  We’re praying that homecoming will be soon. . . then we can utilize the miracle of convenient transportation to return to Philly and cuddle our precious grandsons.   We now have THREE grandchildren . . . all boys.  As I reflect back on my initial uncertainty about conducting sex education at home, I regard these magnificent grandsons as proof that our daughters learned “the right stuff” from us.   And we’re confident our daughters will teach “the right stuff” to their children too.

Twins 2 weeks old awakeAndrew—————————————>





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9 Responses to Sex-ed Full Circle Double Blessings

  1. Anne says:

    Congratulations to all! Andrew and Nathan are adorable and I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on them! ❌⭕️

  2. Holly Simons says:

    Reading about – and viewing – these miracle boys again, fills me with joy and wonder at the abundant blessings our Lord pours out upon us all…. and now you and Bob are watching the “quiver becoming full” of children who we believe and pray will follow in the godly footsteps of grandparents and parents. Raise a toast to Andrew and Nathan… the newest members of a fabulous clan! xoxo

  3. omd says:

    First, I want to give our Lord praises for these wonderful boys that he knitted together in the womb and foreknew.

    Second, the next time you see Andrew and Nathan please tell them OMD says “Welcome to Earth”.

    I love looking at baby pictures as they, the babies, seem to be quite expressive. Congratulations to to your family on its additions. Good job!

  4. Joyce says:

    Babies are such a special way of starting people! Congrats x 2! 🙂

  5. Janice Guerra says:

    Congratulations Linda and Bob – what a double blessing! The babies are beautiful. Hillary, husband and babies are in our prayers.

  6. Leah Craig says:

    So happy for you and three boys are a special delight. So very different from the girls. Enjoy!

  7. Minda Fowler says:

    They are beautiful! Congratulations on your new grandbabies!

  8. Beth Sedler says:

    Praise God for a healthy delivery and such precious boys!

  9. Linda says:

    Thank you everyone for the outpouring of well-wishes. The twins were finally discharged this past week–nearly 4 weeks after birth–and are doing well at home. The sleep-deprived parents are doing well too 🙂

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