Well? Where is it?

bc-book-writing-pressureAs most of you know I set up this blog in 2010 to go along with the authorship of my first book, a parents’ guide to conducting sex-education in the home.  The blog was supposed to be a monthly writing exercise to keep me motivated, up-to-date on related current events and open to feedback from readers.  Six years have now transpired, and you might be wondering “Well? Where’s the book?”  You also might be wondering why the monthly postings have become less frequent. . . . every two months . . . or less.

So far, I have completed only 4 chapters and prepared outlines/overviews of 5 others.  I continue to gather information and citations knowing that I’ll have to include a footnotes/sources section, a bibliography, and probably an index.  Did I mention how much of a struggle it was for me to write my first term paper in high school . . .  with an Underwood manual typewriter in the pre-computer/internet era . . .  and I couldn’t type?

I have identified several excuses obstacles to my book’s completion:

  • In terms of TIME the “empty nest years” have not been empty!  When the last of my daughters moved away, I naively thought I’d be able to dedicate 2-4 hours daily to writing and be finished with the project within two years, tops.  Then one of my part-time teaching jobs suddenly enlarged to encompass much more of every week . . . the pay increase was a blessing, but the hours varied wildly from week to week, undermining the establishment of a “writing routine.”  It’s still that way today.
  • Along with working crazy hours, some joyous (and expensive) family milestones kicked in: college and law school graduations, weddings, and grandbabies  . . . and all the preparations, showers/parties and TRAVEL these entail . . . you know, LIFE 🙂  Did I mention my adult daughters live in three different states? The travel continues  . . . and that’s not a complaint!  This is the fun part of the empty nest years.
  • The publishing industry changed!  I had planned my manuscript’s creation & submission process according to a 2008 author’s seminar I attended during my masters degree program.  That information is now woefully out-of-date as the popularity of e-books and self-publishing prompted most print publishers to alter their requirements for new authors . . . we must have an agent now (which involves $$ and a formal process to persuade one to represent me) . . . or I can self-publish. . . another learning curve that takes up more time.
  • Meanwhile, as you know, U.S. laws about sexuality and family relationships have drastically changed in rebellion against God’s laws, especially in the past 3 years (and I’ve written about some of this in previous blog posts.)  Which means 2 of my 4 completed chapters need extensive revision . . . preceded by more research.  Three steps forward and 2 steps back . . . sigh.

Is there such a thing as “post parenting depression?”  I admit to being overwhelmed more by the social changes than anything else.  But I know Christian parents are begging for help in what to tell their children now that “the birds and the bees” seem like vultures and hornets!  I still feel called to assist.  Perhaps God has another means for me to share the work I’ve done to date . . . if so, He’ll let me know.   Meanwhile I’ll keep praying and plugging along word-by-word.


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3 Responses to Well? Where is it?

  1. KZ says:

    You haven’t given up ! Press on and know that I am proud of you !

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks Kim! And I know you’re contributing prayers too 🙂 Unlike authors who experience “writer’s block,” I have “writer’s overload.” I fantasize about sequestering myself for about 2 years on an uninhabited tropical island . . . with reliable internet access of course 😀 That would help get the job done!

  3. omd says:

    Keep on pluggin away.

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