Now It’s Truly Complete . . . I Think

In the past few years, I have written several posts on the importance of teaching children about biblical marriage as part of home-based sex education.  Two of those posts were embedded with images of our wedding corner to illustrate its function as the “visual aid” for the lifelong unions within our family.  (See links at the end of the post)

I didn’t initially intend to create a wedding corner.   Like most newlyweds, Bob & I selected our 70 favorite “hard copy proofs” (remember those?) from among the 200+ provided by our photographer for the creation of our wedding album.  He also gave us a surprise complementary 18″ x 22″ wedding portrait, which we prominently displayed in our living room.

For about 25 of the past 37 years, that portrait hung as the sole framed testament to our ongoing marital commitment.  Our young daughters sometimes teased us about how skinny/young we were back then in our (now outdated) 1980’s formal-wear.  This affectionate mockery gave us impromptu opportunities to point out how God kept our love growing deeper even as our bodies grew, um . . . thicker.  🙂

While our girls filtered through the college years, I discovered wedding photos from my mother and Bob’s father.  One of those images needed significant restoration before it could become a copied/resized print.  The cost and effort were well worth it to preserve a precious family memory.  I framed and placed our parents’ bridal photos on the wall 90 degrees to the right of our portrait and designated the space for “those who came before us.”  The left hand wall represented the present (Bob & me) and future generations who would someday continue the legacy of faithful marriages.  Thus “the wedding corner” was born, and we wondered when we could begin adding our daughters’ nuptial portraits to the collection.

The transition from college to marriage began with our oldest daughter in 2005.  Our second married in 2015.   With the wedding of our youngest in June of 2016,  I thought our “wedding corner” was finally complete with 3 generations of lovely couples now on display. . . but I was wrong.  Back in January of this year my mom found the sepia-toned wedding portrait of my maternal grandparents–Sophie & Arcade Doucette–who married in 1926!  Here they are:

Once again I got the image resized, printed and framed.  I also rearranged the older portraits to reflect the timeline that now flows through FOUR generations and 144 years of marriage.  Now the corner is complete . . . unless I live long enough to see my grandchildren marry.  In that case, we’re going to need a bigger corner.  😉

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A New Addition to the “Wedding Corner”

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