About Heart to Heart Talks

Drop a stone in a pool of still water and watch the “ripple effect”: progressively larger wave circles moving outward from their center.  In the same way, Heart to Heart Talks LLC offers presentations designed to have a positive impact on American society “from the inside out.”  Founder and speaker Linda Libert passionately believes that our great nation didn’t happen by accident.  It was built by imperfect but virtuous individuals, who formed strong families that comprised thriving communities of savvy productive citizens. But modern America is slowly casting aside its moral underpinnings, resulting in an exchange of liberty for license, truth for relativism, and personal responsibility for a sense of entitlement.

Linda is committed to equipping audiences to counter today’s destructive cultural trends. She offers a variety of informative presentations for youth and adults in churches, schools, community groups and private homes.

Topics cover 3 key areas of concern in American life:

  • Erosion of the personal moral values rooted in our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Disintegration of the traditional family
  • Widespread ignorance/apathy about the U.S. Government and its foundational principles

All Heart to Heart Talks are upbeat, practical, timely and affordable.  Contact Linda by email to schedule a presentation: preptalks@yahoo.com